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Professional Zone

Articles, Reviews, Surveys & Viewpoints

Survey of Online Mental Health Service Providers
Free - New Technology Registry for Mental Health
Professional Books Reviewed by Bryan Knight, Ph.D.
Index to Professional Articles and Viewpoints
Group Psychotherapy Articles by Marc G. Schramm, Psy.D., C.G.P.
An Interview with Stanley Keleman by Terrence MacClure
Nicotine Dependency Treatment: New Opportunities by Marlene Maheu, Ph.D.
Using the Internet to Assist Disaster Mental Health Efforts by Storm A. King

Professional E-Mail Lists

CybertowerNews: A free email newsletter for professionals and members of organizations developing their own professional websites.
PsyFORUM: E-list for California Psychologists
PsyBUS: E-mail List for Entrepreneurial Colleagues
NetPSY: For Mental Health Professionals
Telehealth: A professional forum for the discussion of telehealth services and technologies.
TelehealthNews: A free email newsletter for professionals interested in resource information and summary articles by leaders in telehealth.

Virtual Offices & Resources

CyberTowers: CyberTowers Professional Center
Distance Learning Center
Ethics Office
Telehealth Office
Website Sales Office

Calendar of Professional Events
Links to Over 1000 Psychological Journals by Armin GŁnther


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