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About PsyFORUM

Welcome to the PsyFORUM mail list for licensed psychologists, psychological assistants, and graduate students; as well as academic and research psychologists specializing in mental health and behavioral health issues. PsyFORUM is a mail list forum open ONLY to these professionals. PsyFORUM is "closed" to the general public and to members of other mental health professions. This is unlike, for example, the InterPsych mail lists which are multi-disciplinary.

You will be asked to fax a copy of your state license to the moderator (listed below) to prove your status as a psychologist or psychological assistant. Master's level graduate students can fax a letter from the registrar of their school, proving they are pursuing a doctorate in psychology. Psychologists from other states also choose to participate in this list. They are welcomed. Many psychologists find this Forum stimulating and useful in their day-to-day work. If you subscribe, we encourage you to post messages to the list at any time.

Examples of relevant topics include the following:

Moderator: D.F. Tweedie, Ph.D.

If you choose to subscribe, you will receive an additional message introducing you to the purpose and functions of PsyFORUM and how you may best use the group.

Subscribing is easy, and so is unsubscribing! Give it a try. Please click on "Subscribe" below to subsribe or unsubscribe.

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