Project Basics

The Avatar Training Process using the Traveler software is an ongoing project. This section presents the fundemental details of the group and acts as the mechanism to provide informed consent to group participants.

Member Requirements
Hardware & Software Requirement
Group Plan
Basic Group Rules
The Meeting Space
Special Considerations

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Group Member Requirements

The group shall be composed of mental health professionals and graduate students. Each member must be willing to devote up to two hours a week for the duration of the group, typically five to eight weeks. Prior to the group's actual start, members are expected to participate in schedule planning to decide meeting days and times, exchange of phone numbers and make arrangements with a local mental health professional to cover personal safety issues. Members may be asked for written comments and/or questionaire at the halfway point and after group termination for the purposes of evaluating the medium's effectiveness.

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Hardware & Software Requirements

There are specific hardware and software requirements that must be met for participation in this project. The software used, Onlive! Traveler version 2.02, is written for use with Microsoft Windows 95/NT only, sorry, no Macs. Also, the instructions used within the software for the voice compression will only work on PCs with a Pentium class processors. This means that your PC must be a step beyond a 486 processor regardless of how fast it is. Your PC must be equipped with a 16 bit or greater sound card, speakers and a microphone or headset. OnLive! lists the hardware requirements and has a FAQ page to answer other questions you might have. Please take the time to read these pages before you request to be part of this group.

Before participating in the group, you must download the Traveler software. It is available free of charge. It is highly recommended that some time be spent "playing" with the software to get a feel for how it works and get comfortable with the interface. There will be some practice sessions with the group to increase proficiency with the software.

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