The Meeting Space

Within several virtual reality worlds available are user spaces where individuals can create their own space. Some of these spaces may be protected by password. The space selected for this project is such a space to protect against intrusion and the group members' confidentiality. In addition to the password protection to enter the space, individual members cannot be identified as the persons within the room are blocked from being displayed to anyone outside the protected user space.

The virtual realm selected as the meeting place depicts a lodge in the mountains. It is a wooden structure with a vaulted ceiling with windows high above bathing the interior space with sunlight. Windows also line the wall on one side of the lodge which reveals the green forest and underbrush in the foreground, purple mountains in the distance and a blue, partly cloudy sky. Inside this roomy space is a fireplace with triangular flames of red, orange and yellow. The sound of the crackling fire provides a cozy backdrop for conversation. The lodge has three levels with each level raised a few virtual feet above the other. A wooden railing surrounds the upper deck and down along the steps to the lower levels.

View of the "lodge" as seen from the front looking toward the back

View of the "lodge" as seen from the back looking toward the front

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