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  • Ehealth - The E-health Discussion List is a forum for the professional discussion of E-health companies, products, services, capitalization, valuation, legalities and ethics.
  • DistanceLearning - for the discussion of mental health related Distance Learning services, practices and technologies.
  • NetPSY - for discussion of Internet Psychology by all mental health professionals.
  • PsyFORUM - for discussion of professional issues by psychologists and graduate students.
  • PsyBUS - for discussion of entrepreneurial approaches to the business of psychotherapy by mental health professionals & colleagues.
  • SelfhelpMagazine Newsletter - email "sample" of current month's additions to SelfhelpMagazine website. The newsletter provides full articles, question and answers from professionals, as well as lists of resources, both online and offline. Subscribe and send to your friends and family members through email.
  • Telehealth - for the discussion of telehealth ethics, laws, research, services and technologies by government employees, mental health professionals, and hardware/software vendors & developers.
  • TelehealthNews - newsletter for professionals interested in resource information and summary articles by leaders in telehealth.
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