Smoking and Addiction: Other Resources

Nicotine Dependency Treatment: New Opportunities for Psychologists

Nicotine Dependency Treatment: Stage-Appropriate Interventions

  • American Cancer Society:
    Brochures, smoking cessation classes, educational materials, speakers.
    Contact your local ACSoffice or:
    1710 Webster Street
    Oakland, CA 94612

  • American Dental Association:
    Pamphlet on health risks of smoking, particularly to teeth and gums.
    ADA, Bureau of Health Education and Audiovisual Services
    211 East Chicago Ave.
    Chicago,Il 60611
    (312) 440-2500

  • American Heart Association:
    Same as above with emphasis on heart disease.
    Contact your local AHA office or:
    805 BurlwayRoad
    Burlingame, CA 94010
    (214) 822-9380

  • American Lung Association:
    Same as above with emphasis on lung disease.
    Contact your local ALA office or:
    424 PendletonAvenue
    Oakland, CA 94621
    (212) 315-8700

  • American's for Non-Smokers' Rights:
    Extensive information on legislation and local ordinances, tobacco ads and sponsorship,smoke-free travel guide, Teens as Teachers peer teaching programs.
    2054 University Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    (415) 841-3032

  • Center for Corporate Public Involvement:
    Comprehensive manual for employers, including procedures for developing cost-effective non-smoking program in the workplace.
    1001 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W. Washington, DC 20004-2599

  • Department of Health and Human Services:
    Research on medical effects of tobacco.
    Center for Disease Control
    National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
    Mail Stop K-50
    1600 Clifton Road, N.E.
    Atlanta, GA 30333

  • Minnesota Heart Health Program:
    Booklets on quitting.
    611 Beacon Street, Stadium Gate 20
    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    (612) 378-0902

  • National Cancer Institute:
    Brochures and "Quit for Good" pamphlet.
    Office of Cancer Communications, Bldg 31, RM 10A 24
    Bethesda, MD 20892
    1 (800) 4-CANCER
    (301) 496-1051>

  • Nicotine Recovery Institute:
    Research-based treatment of nicotine dependency and education programs for tobacco users (Nicotine Freedom System) and professionals (Negotiation Kit).
    5173 Waring Road # 124
    San Diego, CA 92120
    (619) 277-2772

  • North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Co.:
    Kit specifically aimed at helping African Americans quit smoking.
    411 W. ChapelStreet
    Durham, NC 27701
    (919) 682-9201 ext. 316

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA):
    Information on tobacco smoke as a workplace hazard.
    Francis Printability
    200 Constitution Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20210

  • Office on Smoking and Health:
    Clearinghouse for articles,printed material, videos and studies on smoking.
    Park building,5600 Fishers Lane
    Rockville, MD 20857
    (301) 443-1690

  • Office of the Surgeon General:
    Reports and information on the medical aspects of smoking.
    Hubert H. Humphrey Building
    200Independence Avenue, SW
    Washington, DC 20201
    (202) 245-6467

  • Stop Teen Addiction to Tobacco:
    Public awareness projects.
    P.O. Box 60658
    Longmeadow, MA 01106-9979

  • University of California San Francisco:
    Three-step smoking cessation guide.
    Division of General Internal Medicine
    400 Parnassus Ave., Room A405
    San Francisco, CA 94143-0320