SH&P is happy to offer you the reassurance that your search through our pages is not recorded or sold to anyone who might later approach you through snail mail or email solicitations. With this promise, you may wish to know there are at least two ways in which you may expose yourself to unethical exploitation on the Internet:

1. When visiting SH&P, your exploration of our material is private unless you voluntarily choose to make your identity known to other readers in our Discussion Zones or Classified Ad Dept. By sending a message to any one of these Zones, or by posting an ad your message will appear on our pages for an undetermined amount of time, along with your name and email address. If you choose to use these areas of the magazine, please be aware that we are able to offer you free information because we do not pay our design and programming staff to work on our pages. Interns and volunteers have created everything you see on our website, and they are not available to correct mistakes or remove your comments once you have posted them to our discussion Zones, either now or in the future. Post at your own risk.

2. If you choose to use our Links & Lists Zone, you may choose to actually leave our website by clicking on any of our links. By so doing, you will no longer be in our magazine, and may therefore, be visiting a website which will track your stop at every page, and sell this information to companies who will try and sell you products or services related to the topics found on the pages you visited.

We hope you are reassured that the company owning SH&P Magazine, Pioneer Development Resources, will not knowingly violate your privacy in any way. Please feel free to use our pages as you deem appropriate to help yourself.

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