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Could you recommend some specific books or resources on the general topic of dealing with aging parents?
I am worried about my parents as they are getting older.
My Father has had a series of medical problems, is in the hospital for a heart attack and very angry.
My Father is in a nursing home and I am afraid that he is not receiving the proper care.
My Mother has been in a semi-vegetative state for sixteen years, we are struggling as to whether to discontinue feeding?
My Mother is Refusing Medical Help
My Parent is on an antidepressant and has been having short term memory problems.
Only Child and Miles from Parents.
When one Parent needs Institutional Care and the other does not .

Emily Carton MA, LISW, is a licensed social worker who works with Elder Options, a private care social service firm in the DC Metropolitan Area. She is also an is an intern in Bibliotherapy at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington D.C.


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