Depression and Anxiety

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Could you please send me in the right direction for bi-polar disorder. I have been told it is possible that my 28 yr old son may have this. He has outbursts and says off the wall things.


Seeking help for someone is an act of love. For your situation, one of the best websites to explore might be Depression Central. It's a website written by Ivan Goldberg, M.D. Try using a search engine and type in "Ivan Goldberg."

Another option is try our links and lists section of the zine, and look for websites related to depression: Resource Department

Yet another option is to join the newsgroup for bipolar disorder. I think one of the better-known ones is called pendulum. There are many, so be sure to sample around and find one that you like best. These are groups of people dealing with a similar life circumstance, either themselves, or in family members and friends.

You may also want to consider seeking the help of a qualified professional in your area. There is no substitute for a trained professional who listen to the details of your exact situation, and can take the time to help you decide how to best proceed. All problems have hidden complications and solutions that take time to expose, evaluate, and experiment. If finances are a problem, many services are available for free through referrals from hot lines, psychological associations, and mental health clinics.

Your son is lucky to have someone who is concerned enough to look for help. I applaud your efforts on his behalf. Best of luck to you.


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