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My Grandmother is always scaring us by saying she has dreams about things that are going to happen. Can dreams really predict the future?


I'm glad to hear you recognize she is frightening you. Since she hasn't *proven* this to you, it sounds unlikely and you might explore with her the need to feel powerful and offer her some more important roles in the family.

Here are many examples of dreams that seemed to predict future events. Some may have been due to coincidence, trick memory, or an creative re-assembly of known information. A few laboratory studies have been conducted on predictive dreams, as well as clairvoyant and telepathic dreams with nothing conclusive. But then again, these kinds of dreams are difficult to study in a laboratory setting.

Some folks in the dream field feel that there is more telepathy going on than we realize, and so we may hear more about this in the future. But at this time, it seems that telepathic dreaming - and more specifically here, clairvoyant and future-telling dreaming, is quite rare.

Another approach that sees dreams as forward looking (Jung's teleological view) has led to a whole host of techniques that appreciate the dreams ability to see vital *potential* paths for us and even warn us that certain of our behaviors can lead to ruin & success, but this is not quite the same thing as warning someone not to take a jet flight. But if you grandmother comes up with lotto numbers, can you send them in to me?


Richard Wilkerson is general editor for The Internet Dream E-zine, Electric Dreams, and director of DreamGate, the Internet Communications and Dream Education Center. He writes the Cyberphile column for the Association for the Study of Dreams Newsletter.


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