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I had the following dream I call "Flight Into the Light" and was wondering what it might be about.

I'm in a spaceship with a woman who is my friend at work and others. It's a large ship with lots of windows. We fly right into this light and radiation field and it causes fire inside the ship. My friend and I are shown how to put out the fires that are causing short circuits.


That is an interesting dream and I was wondering myself what it was about. Generally I teach that each person needs to find his or her own answers to this question, but that others can help by modeling interpretation techniques and providing indirect insight by taking the dream on as if it were our own. In this case let me do the second suggestion, but remind you that I feel each dream has several interpretations.

"If this were my dream...."

The vehicle I travel in is really *out* there in new territory. I'm am past where the rest of my culture is usually able to go. There aren't a lot of controls out here, but there are multiple "viewports" and ways of seeing things. I'm not alone, my friends are with me and this vehicle has lots of room still for others.

We fly into the light. If this were a Buddhist bardo state, that would be a good thing, and if we maintained on course without thoughts and distractions selves/no-selves we could avoid being re-born and are about to incarnate as a higher life form.

But there is trouble. We feel the ship itself that carries us is in trouble. The material reality of the ship, its circuit or neural reality, is inflamed, the connections and circuits cannot handle the radiance of this area.

A kind of koan or sacred question appears. I need the vehicle to travel to these places, but these places cause trouble for the vehicle. The vehicle protects me, but cannot pass through the radiance. Shedding the vehicle destroys us, but not going into the light alienates us.

It's kind of like when I'm jogging and filled with joy, but reaching my physical limits. I could keep on running, keep the vehicle going out into new territory, but to do so could cause bodily damage. And so, it's one of those very positive places in life where I'm able to get to, and be in contact with, a very special field of lightness and new potential, as long as I keep in contact with the vehicle that brought me there. With the help of my friend and others who are teaching me how to put out the fires I many be able to pass through this field of light and into new territory.

In summary, the dream calls me to move into new territories and paths, but to take with me an awareness of the limitations of the vehicles I use, including not only my body but other vehicles, like my emotional and behavior patterns.

Thanks for the dream, Ian - I'm sure you will find many other interpretations as time goes along.


Richard Wilkerson is general editor for The Internet Dream E-zine, Electric Dreams, and director of DreamGate, the Internet Communications and Dream Education Center. He writes the Cyberphile column for the Association for the Study of Dreams Newsletter.


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