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The G/L/B/T Q & A is written by Gail S. Bernstein, Ph.D. and other mental health professionals for the discussion of general psychology as applied to our everyday lives. Behaviors or readings recommended by columnists have been found helpful by some people in some circumstances, but are not guaranteed to be helpful for all people. This column is not intended to be any form of psychotherapy or a replacement for professional services. If you need professional services, please seek the help of a qualified practitioner in your geographic area. Do not use any suggestions given herein as a replacement for medical or psychological advice given to you personally by a trained and qualified practitioner. The opinions expressed in the column are those of the columnist, and do not necessarily represent the positions of the editors or other contributors.

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A new straight man just joined our department who is a problem..
A few weeks ago I met a man I find very attractive,
and he said he's interested in me.
Afraid Fantasies Are Interfering With The Real Thing
After twelve years of marriage and three children, I unexpectedly fell in love with another woman. NEW!
Am I a lesbian pretending to be heterosexual?
Are my kids likely to be lesbian or gay?
Attracted to both women and men and wanting to be "normal"
Best friends partner is ill, and I feel neglected
Boyfriend wants him to come out to his parents.
Butch Or Femme - Confused over role to play
Can this relationship last a lifetime?
Can you get fired for being gay?
Confused About Sexual Preference
Cross-Dressing 11 Year Old
Cyber Sex Between A Heterosexual Man and a Lesbian
Dating But Not Dancing
Explaining Homosexuality to Children
Faking Being Heterosexual
Feeling regret over same sex attraction
Gay and Lesbian Research Resources
Gay Partner has Gender Identity Disorder
Homosexual Homophobia
How can I make dating a comfortable experience?
How do I find out if other people are gay? NEW!
How do I know if I'm gay?
How should I act in a gay relationship?
Husband is Leaving Her For A Man
I am disturbed at the amount of alcohol and drug use and abuse within the gay and lesbian community.
I believe my desire for men is sinful
I Feel Unattractive
I find my self obsessed with exciting fantasies about sex with men
I have just discovered that my girlfriend is bi-sexual
I keep falling for unavailable women...what am I doing wrong?
I think my sister is a lesbian. What should I do? NEW!
I want to come out of the closet, he doesn't
I'm a bisexual woman who is happily married to a man.
I'm a straight man, she's a lesbian... but sometimes...
I'm confused because I'm attracted to both men and women. Is that normal?
I've lost interest in sex
Is it possible for a gay person to be happy in a heterosexual marriage?
Is sexual orientation genetic?
Lesbian friend won't date me for fear of hurting the woman she lives with.
My partner and my son do not get along. What can I do to help? NEW!
My partner hasn't been talking with me
My partner's started talking about how we need to write wills
She's leaving me after 16 years
Should I tell my boss I'm gay?
Straight Man Is Finding Best Friend Sexually Attractive
Trying To Find A Place To Fit In
When I came out to my parents, they were not pleased. NEW!
Where can I find information on treatments for homosexuality?
Worried about child being around Lesbian

Author and psychologist Gail S. Bernstein, Ph.D. has a psychotherapy practice in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Bernstein speaks and writes about gay, lesbian and bisexual people for both general and professional audiences, and is the author of the new audiotape, NOT HETEROSEXUAL: An Educational Program About Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual People.


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