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I am 15 years old and my problem is that my penis is limp while erected. I would like to know what I can do to make it straight. Is there someone I can talk to about this in the NY area? I would like to fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks for your help.


I have to admit that this is a little beyond my scope of expertise. My guess is that your problem is not uncommon at your age and will correct itself as you get older and your body continues to change and develop. Just to be on the safe side, I have included links to on-line references that deal specifically with problems and concerns of young people regarding erections, sexuality and related issues. There are hundreds of Questions and Answers on these sites, many similar to yours. If you do not find the answer to your specific questions, you can ask the experts and get more information about your concerns.

I wouldn't be too concerned, though, as many teens have these problems and time generally takes care of them. I know that everything from poor nutrition, stress and anxiety to the use of alcohol and other drugs can cause erection and ejaculation difficulties in men. Sometimes there are psychological causes, but those would be explored only after physical causes were ruled out. In your case the cure may be something really simple, like waiting until you are through puberty, which is around age 17, to see if time takes care of it. If you are really worried you may want to ask your family physician. Meanwhile, check out these other web sites.

Good luck!

Puberty 101...For Teen Only!

Boys' Puberty Informational Web site


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