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Your Other Resources: Please note: We are volunteer professionals, and as such won't:

  • Do library research for you. (We do have library links, however)
  • Help with your homework (c'mon, now ;-)
  • Answer suicide notes or homicide threats (If this is your situation, call a professional in your community now. You are worth it!)

If you feel the need for an immediate response for any reason, here are other options for you:

  • Contact your local Psychological Associations, or look in your phone book for counselors or psychologists.

  • Therapist Information Network (TIN) is an online directory of mental health practitioners. Please use this directory at your own discretion -- we do not monitor it.
If you want to possibly chat about your situation over time with other readers, try our Discussion Zone!

We Don't Know You Enough to Be Your Shrink, So This Is How It Works

  • Only one in ten questions gets chosen.
  • Please look for existing answers.
  • We might change your question to make it generic.
  • Answers we give are general, and won't apply to you specifically.
  • It may take up to eight weeks to get your question answered onscreen, if it is chosen.
  • We can't and don't offer you counseling, psychotherapy, or advice.
  • If you have particular or specific questions concerning our pages here, please discuss them with your counselor or therapist, or find one online.

By submitting your question, you officially give notice that you have read the above disclaimer and limitations; and fully accept its terms.


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