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Trevor Harvey

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  • A 39 year old single male who has always been very shy around women.
  • I am looking for a way to stop abusing my girlfriend when I'm angry.
  • I can't get my confidence back after my partner dumped me for another guy.
  • I feel stupid but, I'm scared to go to the Doctor.
  • I have just been diagnosed as having a "bipolar disorder"
  • I'm new to this area, so how should I choose a physician?
  • Is life meant to be a treadmill?
  • When do men get rights?


Trevor Harvey, M.Ed combines lecturing in the School of Health at the University of East Anglia, with writing and counselling, and is based in Norwich, England. After a 12 year naval career, including the Falklands War, he became editorial board member/series advisor with The British Journal of Health Care Management and founder of the men's group AMICUS. He focused on health-related men's issues, particularly the way men negotiate personal transition through relationship crises, and is currently studying the management of information overload. Whenever possible, he combines his passion for photography with hill walking, and piloting his boat on the local lakes and rivers of eastern England.

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