Book Review


Overcoming Panic Attacks

by Shirley Babior and Carol Goldman
reviewed by Susan Griffin, NCADC, CCS


Self-Help Product Review Rating Scale (1=low 5=high)
Clarity: (4)
Practicality: (5)
Target-Audience: Persons suffering from panic attacks/family members


Overcoming Panic Attacks offers specific tools to help you recover from the overwhelming symptoms of anxiety. Approaches include:

(1) new ways to relax
(2) cognitive techniques for overcoming anxiety, and
(3) exposure techniques for overcoming avoidance.

The authors are clinicians who specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders, and both have impressive backgrounds. Given the complexity of this mental health problem, I was surprised to discover how easy the book is to use and understand. The intervention tools are clearly described and ample examples are provided to make them user friendly.

If you have experienced the feelings of fear described in these pages, you will want to add this to your bookshelf. The personal stories from others who have used the authors' techniques and are in recovery provide hope and a path to follow. Stories, like the tools, are practical and well written. Both provide clear guidance on how to handle the setbacks that are a normal part of the recovery process. If you want to take an active role in finding a solution to the problem of panic attacks, this book is an excellent choice.

Cost: $9.95
Publisher: CompCare Publishers

Susan Griffin, NCADC, CCS is a Nationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor and a Certified Clinical Supervisor.


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