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by Elise Title
reviewed by Bryan M. Knight, MSW, PhD.


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Target-Audience:Not for the squeamish.


What an amazing book! An excellent mystery with breathtaking insights into disturbed minds.

Not for the squeamish, Romeo tells the tale of a serial killer, the strong women victims he romances, the cops who try to outwit him, and, most of all, of the avenging sister of a psychiatrist Romeo slaughtered.

Those who look with a jaundiced eye at psychiatrists will relish the mocking characterizations of the several psychiatrists, only one of whom appears to rise above cruelty and weak ethics.

In addition to the finely-drawn portraits of the main female characters, you'll enjoy the politically-correct men: the gay, sensitive, wheelchair-bound best friend, the adorable transvestite neighbor, and the compassionate police officers.

First-time author, psychotherapist Elise Title, expertly casts suspicion on several likely candidates for the ghastly role of Romeo. Only the most avid of mystery readers will be able to identify the killer before the author's revelation during the exciting, though somewhat predictable, climax.

Most chapters are preceded with excerpts from the slain psychiatrist's diary or her comments on a television show in which she had analyzed the killer. These brief sentences -- like the whole book -- brim with authenticity.

Like the thoughts of a client during psychotherapy sessions. And such genuine details as how victims bury their secrets, and that a survivor often returns to the scene of her victimization.

The author's portrayal of the terror and confusion caused by flashbacks is at times so vivid it was as though my own clients were sobbing out their terrible secrets.

One guarantee, when you've finished these riveting 500+ pages, is that hearts and heart-shaped chocolates will never again seem innocent.


Cost: ISBN 0-553-57206-7 $6.50 U.S.
Publisher: Bantam Books


Bryan M. Knight, MSW, Ph.D. is the author of several books, including Health and Happiness with Hypnosis. He specializes in helping people conquer phobias, banish panic, lower anxiety and proof themselves against stress. Information about hypnosis, Psychovisual Therapy, books, videos and audiotapes can be ordered through, ICQ: 9963873, 7306 Sherbrooke West, Montreal, Canada, H4B 1R7, phone: 514-489-6733, fax: 514-485-3828.


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