Video Review


Wandering Still: An Exploration of Dream Encounters with Lost Loved Ones.

by Kate Renner Pourshariati
reviewed by Laura Slap-Shelton, Psy.D.


In "Wandering Still," the viewer is treated to a beautiful collection of dreams from individuals who have lost their loved ones. These dreams serve as doorways which connect the dreamer, the experience of loss, and the dead person in a variety of ways. The power, depth, and haunting vividness of these dreams, as well as their tantalizing hints at what might lie beyond death can potentially make them a potent healing force and a great source of comfort.

Dreams about the dead are a frequent experience for those who have lost a spouse, child, or friend. While some of these dreams can be disturbing, ambiguous or even frightening, they are often comforting. Sometimes a sequence of dreams can reflect the course of the bereaved person's adaptation to the their loss.

In this video Kate Pourshariati explores and describes her own experience of her ongoing dreams in which she meets with her mother. Ms. Pourshariati and her mother were in a car accident which resulted in her mother's death. The dream sequence she describes reveals a progression from dreams in which her mother attempted to communicate that she was OK and that Ms. Pourshariati could not join her, to dreams in which Ms. Pourshariati comfortably enjoys visiting with her mother. The question of the "reality" of these meetings is meaningfully left ambiguous.

Skillfully intermixed in the video's overall narrative are other dreamers who tell their own dream stories about a lost fiance, a lost father, and a lost caretaker. The deep emotional experience of their dream encounters with loved ones is directly communicated to the viewer through both the poignant sharing of the dreams and the images that accompany the retelling.

Wandering Still is highly recommended to individuals, families, and support groups as a means of opening doors to further exploration of their own dream experiences, and their ongoing dialogue with their lost loved ones.

Video: Wandering Still

by Kate Renner Pourshariati

Aquarius Productions. 1996

Running Time: Approximately 19 minutes


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